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Carolyn Fullerton is the owner and primary sitter with Ypsi Arbor Petsitters.


She has been a petparent since the 1950's (!). Obviously, she must have been a very little kid when she had her first kitty,Timmy, and all those parakeets, guppies and a rabbit. And that catepillar circus.

Fast forward to this century, and looking back over Carolyn's family roster is a parade of kitties from the cleverly-named Kitty to matriarch Tinker, silky Bootie, dear Libby who was there through so many life events, Mirabella who was adopted from the Humane Society of Huron Valley in March 2016, and Grandcats Ada, Totoro, and Athena; Schultz the Schnauzer; Maude, an hysterically funny and smart golden retriever-St. Bernard mix; Randy, a Heinz 57 terrier; Zorro, a black lab; and now 5 pug Granddogs plus Granddog Murphy, a border collie whose mother may have briefly entertained a Bernese Mountain Dog.


Whew! All that just to illustrate that Carolyn enjoys critters, has spend a lot of time around animals, and that that contributes to her qualifications to take care of your pets.


And that most dogs and cats "take to" her.


And that she's Red Cross Dog and Cat First Aid and CPR Certified.


And insured and bonded.


Sure, there are other things Carolyn enjoys.


She volunteers with a number of arts organizations around town including The Ark, Michigan TheaterA2 Summer Festival, and Riverside Arts Center.                                                                  

Honey Creek Community School, her grandkids' school, is a focus. Also the Humane Society of Huron Valley.


As an artisan jewelry designer, some of her work can be found at and her Etsy shop, TzarinaKarolina . . .

 . . . including jewelry featuring dogs, cats, and other critters.


Very high among what's important to Carolyn is her family and circles of friends. Grandkids were the motivator for her move to Ann Arbor.


So now that you know quite a lot, really, about Carolyn, please do give her a call to talk about taking care of your pet family when you're away. She'll come over, meet you and your pets, and you can decide if she's right for your family.

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