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Communication & Updates


We want to communicate with you in the way you prefer, whether text, email, or voice, and with the frequency you like.


Some people want a daily text assuring them that all is well. Others plan a complete “get away” and only want to hear if there is a concern. Most people are somewhere in between. Please be sure to let us know your preference when we meet and complete your Client Checklist.


Oh, and pictures. We often take photos* of your pets, their antics, or a particularly spectacular blossom and include a photo with your update.


And certainly anytime there is a concern, we will take photos for you and keep you posted about whatever the situation is. (One family had their floors redone while they were away and we provided progress photos of the work. Another had a water problem and our photos were available for the insurance claim and the contractor.)


*Pet Photos

We all love pet pics! Our Clients tell us that they appreciate the photos of pets that we that we text and email with our updates.


Unless you note otherwise on your Client Checklist, you okay to take photos of your pet(s) to share in updates to you, for our file, social media, and business website. All photos taken are the property of


No identifying information other than pet name, breed, and age shall be shared with the general public. 




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