Our rates are customized for each Client and household.  Below are some typical guidelines. Rates are per visit, not per day. Payment is required in advance unless other arrangements have been made for long term pet care or ongoing services. A booking fee of 40% is required at time of reservation to hold your spot. This nonrefundable fee is applied to your invoice for the specific services requested. 

Changing your reservation: Your dates may be revised up to two days (48 hours) before the original start date for drop in visits and dog walks OR up to 10 days before the start date for overnights without forfeiting your booking fee or triggering a cancellation fee.

Note that other or additional charges may be incurred for holiday surcharges, key drop-offs, errand time and travel charges, vet visits, locations outside our primary service area, reviews or change in care meetings, and cancellations. Please see below or ask for additional information.


For this calculation, “1 pet” is one dog or two cats. Add $1 for each additional small critter (bird, dragon, gerbil, ferret, fish tank, etc.).

  • Express Visit (15-20 minutes) is just right for a timid kitty or a potty break in your fenced yard for your dog. Treats, fresh water, and TLC. No home care. $15/1 pet, $17/2 pets, $19/3 pets.


  • Standard Visit (30 minutes) is great for healthy adult dogs and cats. Enough time for a decent walk, thorough scooping, or to administer meds. All standard pet care and home care is included. $20/1 pet, $22/2 pets, $24/3 pets.


  • Extended Visit (60 minutes) is a full hour pampering your pets with extra TLC and socialization, long walk or playtime, and/or caring for lots of plants, a bird cage or fish tank. Extra pet care and extra home care by request. $35/1 pet, $37/2 pets, $39/3 pets.


  • Overnight Stays (supper and bedtime, stay overnight, typically 10 pm to 6 am, breakfast) are a great comfort for your pets and an excellent way to keep your home from appearing vacant while you’re gone. $65/1 pet, $70/2 pets, $75/3 pets. Midday visits are available for additional fee. Basic overnight with no dinner visit is available for reduced fee.


  • Kennel Sitting always involves special circumstances, special responsibilities, and special care. We will visit your operation, review your needs and procedures, and together design your kennel sitting package.


  • Hotel Sitting may be something you never thought about. When you have friends, colleagues, or applicants coming to town, staying in a local pet-friendly hotel, and bringing their pets, it’s good to know there’s a sitter available to care for their pet during the interviews, the big game, the conference, the wedding, the graduation, or the reunion. Please call for more information.


  • House Sitting is what we do to give you a hand when both you and Bowser escape to Florida for the winter. We will make regularly scheduled visits to your home; bring in the mail, those pesky free newspapers, and fliers left in your door; sort and forward mail if desired; check the thermostat and faucets; adjust lights or put them on timers; water plants; fill the bird feeders; and keep your home looking lived in and make sure everything is as it should be. We text or email you a brief update after each visit. Rates start at $15 per visit and vary with the scope of your preferences and needs.


  • Pet Transportation to the vet, the groomer, or the shared custody pet parent is available for a $25 base rate (up to 10 miles one way, thereafter $2 per mile). Wait time is $15 per half hour or increment thereof. Please provide your own pet carriers and/or travel restraint devices. A surcharge may apply for multiple animals and/or a large amount of gear and/or luggage. This service is for pets only; sorry, we cannot transport people.


  • Errand Charge is applicable when you ask us to restock your fridge before you get home, if you run out of pet food mid-vacation, or even if you want us to do an errand run while you are busy with other things. In addition to cost of your purchases, we charge $15 per half hour or increment thereof for our time for travel, shopping, waiting, unloading, and putting away.


  • Locked Out? We’re your thriftiest lock-out service ever! During regular business hours 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., we charge $20 to bring you a key. After business hours (7 p.m. to 7 a.m.), the charge is $35.




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