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Cat Sitting

Cats want what cats want. In their own castle. With their own staff.

As your cat's Chief of Staff, you already know many of the reasons why most cats do not appreciate being boarded. Like you, they want their own space and their own hidey holes. And sunbeams, please.



When might you call on us? 


>  Weekend getaways, vacation travel and business trips

>  Deployments and out-of-town contract assignment

>  Hospitalizations and recoveries

>  Late meetings or overtime

>  Date nights and spur-of-the-moment evenings out

>  When your pet needs midday or mid-shift attention



Our rates start at $15 per visit.


Variables that may go into confirming your rate include number and type of pets, exercise needs, medication requirements, mileage to your location, amount of companionship time you request, and additional home services wanted. Basic tasks such as bringing in the mail, adjusting lights and blinds, and watering a few plants are always included gratis.


We'd love to meet you and your menagerie!


Please call to set up a brief "meet & greet" with you and your pets. There is never a charge for this initial consultation.


In addition to the all-important furry introductions, we'll talk about what you need and when, your pets' specific individual needs and preferences, confirm your rate, and add other vital info on the Client Checklist.


When you are satisfied that everything will be as it should be and we are clear on the work expectations and conditions, we can calendar the visits you want.


Check! One less concern for your list. 







Based on the needs of you and you cats, Ypsi Arbor Petsitters loves to spoil them in your home just like you do with:


-->  Custom feedings (even for picky eaters) and treats

-->  Scheduled meds

-->  Freshly scooped litter

-->  Playtime and cuddles if they're "that" kind of cat,

       or just companionship not if they're not

-->  Overnight sleepovers, especially for older or recuperating kitties

We send you periodic updates on your critters and home, even photos. 

You have the security of knowing all is well while you are away, whether for a day, a weekend, a month, or even longer.

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