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The Meet & Greet


When you contact us about caring for your pets, we will schedule an initial meeting to get to know you and

your pets; discuss their care, dispositions, and any health issues; bring up house tasks like plants to water, mail, lights, drapes and blinds, and garbage protocol; and coordinate schedules.


This usually takes about 30 minutes


We respect that your time is precious. We’d like to spend more time getting to know you and your pet family than filling out contact and emergency information. With that in mind, before this meeting, please fill out the Client Information form so we can review it together, resolve any questions, and then add it to our file.


There is no charge for this first meeting.  


Occasionally, pet owners request additional meetings for various reasons. Sometimes a new pet has joined the household. Sometimes there’s a change in the medication. While we are glad to meet with you as needed, we appreciate your understanding that our time is our “product” and we have to make a trip charge for additional meetings.

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