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Petsitting Services


Every pet and every household has its own needs and rhythms. Although we do not accept specific time appointments, we will schedule visits to your pets as close to the time you prefer as possible.


Let us know if your pet is on a time-sensitive medication schedule.


For dog visits, we schedule within a three hour window.


All animals are visited at least once every 24 hours unless you have requested otherwise and we have agreed the timing is appropriate to the species.


We always text or email you when we make our first visit of each engagement to let you assure you that we are "on the job" and your pet is being cared for as agreed.


Daily, or on the communication schedule you’ve requested, we text or email you an update.  For midday dog walk Clients, we leave a visit report sheet.


And we also text or email you on our last visit of the engagement to confirm that the job is done and we expect to hear from you when you’re back home.


Typical pet services may include:


  • Feeding meals, snacks, and treats


  • Providing fresh water in clean containers


  • Washing pet food dishes


  • Administering medications


  • Walking dogs or letting out in fenced yard


  • Indoor play and exercise


  • Scooping litter boxes


  • Cleaning up any “accidents”


  • Giving pets plenty of TLC, belly rubs, and head scratches


  • Brushing


  • Topping off fish tanks




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