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Making Reservations


Our reservation system is simple and personal whether you are a new Client or an established Client. You may always call, Itext, or email Carolyn.  And, we now have an Ypsi Arbor Petsitters' Portal to give you an easy way to keep all your pet and household info up to date, request services, and view invoices. New clients will receive their Portal link after their Meet & Greet. Established clients will receive their Portal link as they request new services. Either way, we will get back with you promptly.


For new Clients, we will schedule a 30 minute Meet & Greet. We ask you to have the Client Checklist filled out for this meeting. Your Service Agreement will be part of your Portal account. If you prefer a paper copy, we can provide that for you.


For established Clients, we will confirm the dates, rate, and get any special or changed instructions.


Even if your usual petsitter or dog walker is someone other than Carolyn, please route all sitting requests through Carolyn and/or via the Portal. Without a central reservation point, there is potential for oversights and over-booking.

Updated 2017 10 03

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