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Your Home provides a number of basic housesitting tasks during scheduled visits at no additional charge. These include:


  • Bringing in the mail, packages, and newspaper


  • Opening and closing drapes and blinds


  • Turning lights off and on


  • Watering a few houseplants


  • Rolling the garbage and recycling bins to/from the curb


When you want more extensive services, please do ask. Depending on your needs and preferences, there may be an additional charge.  Some tasks we have done for Clients include:


  • Caring for extensive collections of houseplants


  • Watering, fertilizing, and deadheading outdoor plants


  • Being the “representative person at home” when workers are scheduled


  • Restocking the fridge before Clients’ return home


  • Shopping for pet food and litter 


  • Starting the car every few days during a long absence


  • Locating and mailing out documents (and, once, a swimsuit)


  • Refilling bird feeders


  • Housesitting for snowbirds, people on sabbaticals and contract assignments, and those in the hospital


We do not provide snow removal, landscaping or housecleaning services. When you plan a winter absence or extended trip, please arrange in advance for mowing, shoveling/plowing, and leaf removal.




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