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At our initial meeting when we schedule visits for your pets, we require two working keys from you which we will keep on file.  (That makes us the thriftiest lock-out service ever should you need it one day!)


We’ve never lost a key but really, really like to know that if something happened to a key, there is a backup available at our office. With that in mind, we reserve the right to make a copy of the key at your expense if two keys are not provided.


When we keep Clients’ keys on file, we tag them with an alias, never with your address or an obvious name. This “just-in-case” security measure means no stranger could associate a key with a home.


If you prefer for us to return your key after you get home, there is a $15 trip charge to bring it over. There is no charge to leave it in a secure location on your property such as through your mail slot or in your special hidey place however we assume no responsibility for such key drops.


If you live in a gated community, you must provide a gate card, remote, or appropriate access codes.

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