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Confirming & Reconfirming


When you schedule your pets’ care, we calendar it and confirm to you what will be done and when.


Some Clients who have corporate, research, or university travel schedules, simply send us their annual

travel plans and update if things change during the year. One email, one list, and they know their household

is covered for all their trips.

If you have any changes to your plans, please let us know as soon as you can.

One or two days before you leave, we text or email you to reconfirm that we will be there as scheduled.

After each last visit, we also text or email you that we’ve completed the job and reminding you to let us know when you get home.

We never want any pet to go uncovered! Once in a while, the “last message” has received a response of “Oh no! Forgot to tell you my trip was extended. Can you cover them a couple more days?” Of course, we do.

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